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Lines and Numbers

Connect your DMC telephone system to any type of trunk line whether it’s a standard analog line (PSTN), ISDN, VoIP or GSM Mobile.

  • Least Cost Routing ensures that outbound calls are routed over the lowest cost trunk line (e.g. international calls over VoIP, mobile calls over GSM).
  • We can provide telephone numbers for any UK geographic area code and non-geographic and toll-free numbers.
  • Telephone numbers may be ported from BT or Virgin Media to a VoIP service provider if your business moves away from the local exchange or simply wants to benefit from lower cost line rentals.
  • DDI numbers may be configured to route calls directly to an agent’s desk phone or to ring groups or queue

SIP Trunks

A trunk line is a connection between your telephone system and the Public Telephone Network (PSTN).

SIP is a Voice over IP (VoIP) standard for delivering telephone calls over the Internet.

DMC provides secure and reliable SIP trunks for business customers to connect their telephone systems to the public telephone network (PSTN).

Telephone Numbers

DMC can provide all kinds of telephone number for your business.

  • Geographic numbers are telephone numbers associated with a local area by the first few digits (dialling prefix). For example, 0161 (Manchester) or 0207 (Central London).
  • Non-geographic numbers (NGN’s) are telephone numbers that are not linked to a specific location (e.g. 03 or 084).
  • Free-phone numbers or toll-free numbers are  telephone numbers that are free of charge for the caller (e.g. 0800 or 0808).
  • International numbers are numbers from a telephone network in a different country. We can provide international telephone numbers from 72 different countries.

Caller ID

The Caller ID (also known as CLI or CLID) is the telephone number that is presented to the recipient when you make an outbound call.

  • DMC  provide full flexibility for outbound caller id presentation. You may withhold your caller id or present any caller id associated with your account.
  • Numbers owned by you, that are not on our network, may also be displayed for outbound calls.
  • Our SIP trunks support calls to the UK emergency services (e.g. 101, 999, 112).

Keep your number

  • Our telephone number porting service allows you to keep your telephone numbers when you switch providers or move away from a fixed line area.
  • Our experienced delivery team can manage the number porting process on your behalf to ensure a smooth transition with minimum downtime.

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