Free PBX Systems

    If you have and existing Free PBX system are thinking of setting a Free PBX system up within your business Contact DMC today.  with 10 years experience DMC offers a complete service esure your Business get the most out of a Free PBX business Phone System:

    • FreePBX Systems (based on FreePBX distro)
    • PBXact (Sangoma FreePBX appliance)
    • FreePBX High Availability Module

    DMC VoIP PBX Hardware

    For Cloud and onsite business phone systems call the the Sales Team today for advice

    0800 862 0181

    Cloud Hosted Free PBX
    Onsite Free PBX Systems
    Free PBX Integration

    On-site Free PBX Systems

    Reliable High performance PBX system

    Cloud Free PBX Systems

    Reliable High performance Hosted PBX

    DMC Free PBX Support SLA Packages

    Reliable High performance range of Free PBX support packages.  DMC provide five levels of technical support, please use the table below to determine the appropriate VoIP PBX Phone System technical support SLA for your business:

    EmergencyStandardEnhancedCompleteComplete 24/7
    Remote Monitoring
    Nagios, Munin.
    Troubleshooting problems hardware, software, LAN, WAN, trunks.
    Assistance with basic configuration changes
    Adding users, numbers, configuring queues, etc.
    Liaising with 3rd Party Service Providers
    e.g. BT,
    Operating system, software and firmware upgrades
    within major release cycle.
    Next day onsite response
    for RED support incidents that cannot be resolved remotely.
    Extended Opening Hours
    Monday – Friday 08:00 – 20:00, Saturday 09:00 – 17:00.
    24/7/365 cover